about thomson consulting UK

What Our Clients Say

"Your role in the demerger and post demerger process was critical and the company owes you a debt of gratitude for your professionalism and commitment in resolving a fair and proper outcome."

Roger Owen
Managing Director
WRPO Limited

"I did not doubt for one minute that your tough approach would pay dividends for the company – I am sure that both Directors appreciate the focus you applied in order that they could release their undoubted potential."

Chris dos Santos
Coutts & Co

"The shareholders asked us to pass on their praise for your brilliant work managing the company’s finances."

Sue Beechey
Aromatherapy Associates Limited

"I know the high quality of Karen’s work, having worked with her for over 20 years."

Chris Shrubb
Hamlyns Chartered Accountants

"I really must congratulate you on the changes to the numbers. I am not sure that I can remember seeing a better example of what happens when you get a professional on your side! The fact is that it is now a strong company with a balance sheet that paves the way for a sale at a proper price. I think you have done a fantastic job."

Christopher Fallows
Business Link

"Karen's advice is professional, measured and very prescient. She is a valuable and totally trustworthy asset to our business. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Mark Stimpfig
Connected Services LTD

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